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I’d like to take a moment to share how this community program began. I am a Westside resident and mom, busy working on my own new product line which led me to research packaging options. As I researched, my conscience could not resist joining the “green” ecology movement. Unfortunately, I was surprised to learn that our city, known as the eco-friendly leader, actually had little to offer a small business in bottling options. It really is much easier and more economic to order a new (not recycled) plastic or glass bottle shipment from across seas, and why not? As consumers, we have grown accustomed to our convenient and cheap plastics and buying “new.” However, this seems to be the time for change.

By reusing (lengthening the life of an item) we can help save the environment from unnecessary reprocessing energy, waste, and costs associated with recycling which, as we commonly think of it, is breaking down an item to make a new raw material and then using it to create a new product. Unlike plastics, glass does not absorb chemicals so if they are in good condition, glass bottles or jars are safe to reuse after properly cleaning them.

So, I hope you will help our community by donating your clean, used glass bottles and if you know of a startup business, who might be interested in reused glass, please feel free to direct them to our website.

As the inventory of glass grows, we will begin offering the donated glass “as is” to businesses for FREE. (Businesses or individuals who are not in the area and require the glass to be shipped will have to pay for shipping.) If you would like the glass you receive from us to be properly cleaned (all labels remove), sanitized, and sterilized, we ask for small donations (because it makes this voluntary yet labor intensive community program possible) for the effort and labor involved in the additional process of cleaning.

All proceeds from monetary donations as well as any money received from items we cannot reuse (and, therefore, were recycled) will be donated to environmental charities and organizations which support our planet. This is only the beginning and we look forward to this evolving concept.

I truly appreciate your time and help, and hope we make a difference together,

Rianna Loving
ReUse Glass Bottles

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